Reiki Course & Attunements

This course is not just about learning Reiki, but to BECOME REI-KI

Depending on the Reiki teacher's style and approach, the learning experience is variable as the boundaries of Reiki in recent years has been stretched into many other and more advanced areas of energy healing such as Sound-healing, Aura balancing, Bioenergetic sciences and so on.
However, what is a learnable constant is the philosophy behind the Reiki principals, the sequence of the hands positions, the meaning of Reiki symbols and the ethics.
During each attunement we will also compare a variety of ancient healing symbols with that of the Traditional Reiki ones, and discover the value of being attuned to the Reiki energy.

Is the Reiki path for you?reiki diploma

If new to Reiki, before starting each level of attunement, you will be asked to prepare a personal Reiki journal and reflect upon the reasons why you would like to take up this path:
How do you think Reiki can benefit you or someone you know?

Every stage of learning and attunement involves practice, reading, research and documenting your experiences. For example, you will need to focus on the 5 Principals of Reiki (affirmations) every day and as many times a day! make them part of your daily life and integrate them within your mind set.  Ask your self if you are ready and willing to follow these steps?

How the program is organised?

Learning Reiki starts with Reiki Level 1 as a two part course ( Two and a half hours sessions), and a full day session for the attunement and practical assessment ( 5 hours - contact time 2 hours) .Some prefer to take this level in two parts. We offer both options.
The next two levels - Reiki 2 and Reiki 3- are referred to as an attunement rather than a course, and each normally is taken within a month or two after completing the previous level .
For each level, you will be expected to present 2 in depth case studies on two "clients" .
Included in the course, is one (P&T) Practice and one SKYPE Tutorials for each level, before or following the attunement.
When you are ready to get attuned, you will be advised to go through a preparatory 21 day program and commit yourself to as many practice sessions as you can. Also you will be expected to present 2 in depth case studies for which you will have my assistance via phone or Internet.

At any stage of this program, I also offer Reiki share sessions which are an integral part of learning Reiki. The Reiki shares runs bi-monthly, at the end of Sound Bath & Meditation evenings.
Here, you can practice the fundamentals of Reiki and receive valuable feedback from your tutor. Treatments that you give during these sessions can also be used towards your case studies.

Any level of initiation can be complimented by the Divine Frequencies full day workshop. This will give you access to an in-depth understanding of the working of Rei-Ki as a sound healing modality.
It is recommendable to have 1 to 3 months interval between each attunement - depending on your time schedule and your progress rate.

Why to get attuned?

First of all, the Reiki Attunements are for for balancing and nurturing your "light body" as a the practitioner, and for opening you to a specific range of healing frequencies or symbols.
The symbols that you receive on each initiation will work like a key.
Reiki Symbols are very powerful and their true meaning and purpose can only be appreciated when you start using them on yourself as well as in your practice sessions on others. You can use these keys to shift into higher dimensions and boost your own or others' energy level, for healing and cleansing one's aura or sanctifying and energising the living space and so on.

What is each attunement about?

If you follow the traditional Reiki path, you would need to receive attunements. There are four stages in Traditional Reiki, each marked by an Attunement.

Reiki I

Reiki level 1, is for total beginners to explore the essentials of Reiki as a framework to administer hands off healing - using their intention before getting attuned to the Reiki symbols.
This is the first and the most crucial stage in Reiki path to anchor the Universal Qi or Ki within you.
On Reiki Level 1 you will recieve the first Key, the CKR for cleansing, blessing and projecting the Qi at any given situation.
This energetic connection will be perceived by others in particular by children and pets making them feel safe and happy around you.
Once you attained the first degree you will be able to give healing to family, friends, plants, animals and to yourself. Giving healing to oneself is a very important part of Reiki I.

Reiki II

The second stage of Reiki involves learning to work with two more very powerful healing symbols: SHK and HSZSN to strengthen your energetic abilities acquired through Reiki Level I, and enabling you to send healing over great distances and forwards or backwards in time. After this stage you can practice on members of public.

Reiki III

Also known as Reiki Level III a, this is when you will be attuned to the Master or Empowerment symbol DKM for fine-tuning and greatly enhancing your perception and focus of the Universal energy.
You will also discover how to integrate the symbols in a treatment session following your intuition.
Once you received your third initiation, you become REI-KI: a conduit for the Universal Ki which will flow through you freely and stay with you for life. This level may be considered a start, rather than an end to an ongoing lifetime study of personal/spiritual development and growth.

Reiki Teacher Training Program

Also known as Reiki Level 4 or Level III b, these stage, enables the master to become a teacher, learning how to teach Reiki and how to pass on attunements to others. In some cases it is possible to conjoin Reiki III a and Reiki Teachers Training together as a full day course.
Reijus are given freely after completing this stage.

Venue & time

This course is held at Earthbeat Studio (see the map) on selected Saturdays 10.30am- 5.30pm.
The Reiki share group runs on:2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month after the Soundbath & Meditation session from 8.00 pm - 9.00 pm.
Reijus may be arranged individually.
All dates must be confirmed via phone or email prior to booking.
For all  enquiries please send an email or contact the studio  020 8811 1556 between 9.00am and 6.00pm.