Embrace Positive Change

Anyone, regardless of their age, gender and beliefs has something to gain and a few things to let go!
This is about recycling your unwanted “stuff” on all levels and to bring about positive change in your life and to your health.
Sound has long been recognized and used for entraining the sluggish faculties of the body to regain their normal functionality. This doesn't mean remittance from a chronic pathological illness (though there have been cases reported to have averted type 2 diabetics , HBP and Tinnitus) however the healing sounds work on the mental and emotional “bodies” and the useful frequencies work their way into the physical and cellular levels simultaneously.
This happens by the ‘Sympathetic Resonance’ law of physics , where the person’s weakened organs- meridians- are encouraged to re-vibrate on healthy state frequency emitted by the healing sound instruments. One can go as deep and specific to exemplify the possibilities achievable through sound-work or just take the overall healing and restorative properties of sounds for general wellbeing.
Come along to energise yourself and experience a deep sense of inner joy from each session. 

How this works?

These sessions involve mindful breathing and sound-work, synchronised with gentle yoga and assisted bodywork, to revive your wellbeing and boost your energy level. 
Guided meditation is an integral part of the Sound-bath sessions, helping you to sail over the sound waves of crystal and metal singing bowels. .

The sessions held at Earthbeat studio on Tuesdays 7.00pm- 8.30pm are longer and cover more in depth aspects of Sound healing including Udu drumming and Reiki exchange.

The Sundays sessions at The Hogarth Health Club - Chiswick 6.30pm - 7.30pm, offer the same effective routine, excluding the Udu drumming and Reiki share activities.

What is included ?

Drum and Thrive 7.00 pm - 7.30 pm
Udu Drumming & Mindful Rhythms
At Earthbeat studio, we start each Sound-bath session with Udu drumming. Udu drums are unique for the frequencies they produce and their amazing "earth" tones which grounds and centers the person after a long busy day, preparing the body and mind for the Sound-bath and Meditation.
Also a wonderful opportunity for those of you who wish to re-attune with your Udu drums (previously made in our workshop) and reprogram the drum to resonate with your current or future life objectives.
For those who are new to Udu drumming, this is the perfect situation to explore and experience self-healing from within and beyond its conventional framework: to understand the power of rhythmic breathing and mindful drumming. Udu drums are available to choose from and no drumming experience is necessary as you will be shown how to play an Udu drum in few simple steps.

Reiki Share 8.30 pm - 9.00 pm
As a part of our Sound-bath & Meditation evening at Earthbeat studio, for those who wish to stay longer after the Sound Bath, to receive Reiki from me or one of the Reiki course students.
For those of you on the Reiki and Atunement course, this part of the evening can be a great opportunity for practicing your Reiki skills (supervised 15 minutes treatment) on one of the volunteering participants or you can invite friends for receiving Reiki from you.
We end each session with a group drumming meditation to ground ourselves, and send Reiki for health and peace on Earth.

Sound & Yoga sessions for all the family

Our Family Yoga and Sound-bath sessions are designed to create a safe, fun and positive experience for all levels and abilities; a fantastic treat for all the family!

We also offer half day introductory workshops where your youngsters can enjoy a selection of  creative yoga,  breath awareness games and drumming, while you can relax and replenish from inside out with a session of Sound-bath & Meditation. 
The Family Yoga or Sound-bath sessions are a wonderful way to bond and strengthen parent and child relationships and communication.

Please contact Shakeh 07956504494 or Emma 07979533750 to make a booking, or use the link on the right to secure your place.

£60 for one adult and one child (all inclusive) . Block booking valid for 6 month.
Any extra family members £15 pp
For more dates or to set a reminder please click th link: