Learning Reiki - full day course

It's not by coincidence that you have landed on this page. There is a great chance that you are guided to expand your knowledge of Reiki healing at this time in your life, without going through lengthy courses, over long periods of time. So, here you are, looking at a course offering all there is to Reiki and more....

About Reiki

You may already know that Reiki is a wonderful healing system, (Rei: meaning Universal Ki: Life Force) that flows through all living things. Reiki healing energy has been around for thousands of years, and has its roots in Ayurveda but was developed in Japan and rediscovered by
Dr Mikao Usui about 180 years ago.

Reiki is taught by dedicated teachers or masters who are trained to pass on the Rei-Ki to others by the means of attunement. This is because the Reiki cannot be learned through the books or the internet but has to be experienced and developed according
to one's own believes and mindset.

From the moment you decide on starting this course, usually a spiritual connection is established between us, which will be confirmed through a short entry interview over the phone or in person.
To learn Reiki you must feel comfortable, connected and of the same soul-group, as we will be working together, all along your spiritual journey towards attaining your spiritual, mental and physical goals through Reiki.

Is Reiki a religion?

If we agree that Religion provides guidlines on how to develop yourself spiritually, and Spirituality is the belief in your connection with the Divine - whether you call it Great Spirit, God, Goddess, Allah, Yahweh or Brahma - then Reiki is a method for experiencing that connection and witnessing the workings of the Divine within yourself and all around you.
Also the purpose of such a spiritual development is to safely access and direct the Omnipotent's blessings through the filters of your own faith for healing purposes, and Reiki provides the tools for that purpose.

What is covered in this course?

Open to all levels of spiritual and healing arts enthusiasts, this is a full day course running over 6 hours (contact time 5 hours).This is a one day course, is particularly for beginners to explore the essentials of Reiki as a framework to administer hands off healing - using their intention before getting attuned to the reiki symbols.
Depending on each master / practitioner's style and approach, this experience is variable as the boundaries of Reiki in recent years has been stretched into many other and more advanced areas of energy healing such as Sound-healing, Aura balancing, Bioenergetic sciences and so on. However, what is a learnable constant is the philosophy behind the Reiki principals, the sequence of the hands positions, the meaning of Reiki symbols (not attunement) and the ethics.

What the course involves?

Here, I invite you to take the concept of classical way of implimenting Reiki a step further in experiencing Reiki and sound healing as one.
This course is based on the essentials of Reiki as a framework to administer hands off healing and also the most relevant aspects of energy healing templates such as chakras balancing, sacred geometry (cymatics) energetic alignment as well as angels and crystals.
We will also look at some analetical methods and how to formulate a simple treatment plan for giving sound reiki to yourself and others.
This course is not just about practicing Reiki, but to BECOME REI-KI

This method of integrated Reiki and Sound Healing ( your voice, the background music, the tuning forks, tshinga bells, metal and crystal singing bowls), is a powerful and uplifting experience for the client as much as for the practiotioner.
Those who have a background in Reiki or other healing modalities can fully appreciate the outcomes of this course both on a personal leve, as well as using this method with their clients, family and friends.
However if you are not a Reiki healer but a keen explorer of the 'healing arts', you can still gain a lot from this course, as it will help you to extended your knowledge of Human Matrix and Universal Energies, for personal healing and empowerment through creative expression of sacred sounds.

This course is not recommended for anyone dependent on mood alterning substances, anti depressents or receiving clinical help for mental and emotional issues.

How the course is organised?

The day is divided into three parts:
The first part of the day- looking into the importance of the symbols and Reiki Principals.
tea break
The second part of the day - involves practical exercises to prepare your own body/posture when giving Rei-Ki on a couch or on a chair. Also you will learn about the body zones and be shown the classical hands positions.
lunch break
The third part of the day- learn how to formulate a simple treatment plan for giving Rei-KI to yourself and family members. and experience channeling the healing energy (non specific and without symbols) to work on yourself, plants and animals.

Included in the course price, is one (P&T) Practice and Tutorial session, but you can add more sessions later if you wish to continue on this path.
If you already are attuned to Reiki:
You can either start with the tutorials and end with the full day course or vice versa.
If not a Reiki practitioner but planning to take Reiki attunement:
You can join this course after reciving Reiki (level I, II or III) attunement with us or elseweher.
If you decide to take the atunement with us, you would pay half price for this course when enrolled at the same time for Reiki (level I, II or III) attunement.

If not a Reiki practitiner and not planning to take an attunement for now:
You can still join this course and the two tutorials focusing on any other healing modality and sound-work integration.

What the Reiki practice group is about?

The Reiki practice group is not exclusive to any particular level. You may be a beginner and join the group just to find out how reiki works and experiment with chakra energies and other self-healing methods.
For those of you with some background in Reiki, or after completing the Reiki Full Day course, you may continue with the practice sessions, to improve on your Reiki skills or to prepare yourself for an attunement as well as getting help with completing your case studies.
Attending Reiki practice sessions on a weekly or monthly basis is a great opportunity to experience receiving Reiki from others and compare styles. Also, working with you in a group setting will enable me to monitor your learning process and feedback on your progress,while answering your questions.
We end each session with a group drumming meditation to ground ourselves, and send Reiki for health and peace on Earth.

Venue & time

This course is held at Earthbeat Studio (see the map) on selected Saturdays 10.30am- 5.30pm.
The Reiki share group runs on:2nd Tuesday of the month from 7.00 pm- 9.00pm.
The dates must be confirmed via email prior to booking.
For all  enquiries please send an email or contact the studio  020 8811 1556 between 9.00am and 6.00pm.