Acusonic Sound-Healing Course

Sound is all around us, All matters are vibrating on a molecular and sub atomic level, so do we!
Learning Sound Healing is to appreciate and benefit from the many applications of sound in everyday life and work, By all mean this knowledge is not exclusive to selected few who are already involved in alternative or complementary medicine. Everyone can benefit from joining this course as this is a progressive program covering all aspects of sound healing for bettering our health, restoring vitality and creating harmony in our home and workplace..
The following are but a few topics presented throughout the course :
How to run a sound bath session for your self and others
How to use tunning Forks for balancing the bodymind's imbalances
How to diagnose the fluctuations of the energetic field (aura)
How to incorporate sound healing within Reiki and other modalities such as Yoga, Bodywork and Shiatsu.

How the course is organised ?

This is a flexible , modular course composed of three stages or levels,
There are two, 3 hours long sessions on each level. Each level can be taken independently (as a stand alone) or progressively ( starting from level 1 into 2 and 3, or from level 2 into 3) at your own pace- depending on your learning outcomes, background knowledge and time commitment.

What the course covers?

This is a progressive course  running on three independent yet interconnected levels:
Level1- Preparatory
Level 2- Practical
Level 3- Professional

Level1 expands on the basics of sound and healing as a self-help method, using sound healing instruments on yourself, family and friends. It also covers the correct use of instruments, indications and contra-indications of Sound work and much more.

The 2nd Level is an in depth exploration of the effects of sound on human energy fields, as well as learning to diagnose any imbalances that may be in the aura and practicing the use of sound healing tools to harmonise the body, mind and emotions.

3rd (certificate) level looks into the professional implications of sound and sound healing tools in a wide range of practices such as Yoga, Shiatsu, Reiki, Dentistry, Psychotherapy just to name a few...
Also, learning how to plan and run a Sound-bath session for members of the public, (requires completing levels 1 and 2).
One can embark on this level alone with a proof of previouse sound healing attendence..

Venue & time

This course is held at Earthbeat Wellness Centre
Tuesdays from 2.00pm – 5.00pm Level 1
Thursdays from 2.00pm- 5.00pm Level 2
and 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month from 10.30 am- 6.30 pm Level 3
For more dates availability
and all  other inquiries please send me an email or
text to 07956 504494.